The Wilderness Leader Scholarship will be awarded to a high school junior or senior from central Pennsylvania who has demonstrated leadership in the outdoors through exemplary participation in an outdoors focused organization. A successful applicant will be able to demonstrate a commitment to promoting and protecting the outdoors as well as leadership skills through activities such as planning trips, serving as a unit leader, and earning higher awards within their organization. Recipients of the scholarship will receive a direct cash award of up to $1,500.


A complete application consists of the application and essay (completed by the applicant) and two letters of recommendation. All information should be typed or printed legibly on the forms provided. Applications and accompanying letters of recommendation must be received no later than March 1 of the
calendar year.

Letters of recommendation should be written by a non-relative at least 18 years of age who has knowledge of the applicant’s involvement in their outdoor focused organization. A letter of recommendation needs to identify the applicant, the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor, and explain how the applicant meets the criteria outlined above.

Organization Name should include both the parent organization and the specific troop or charter the applicant is involved in. For example, do NOT just say “Troop 123”, but instead say “National Organization Troop 123”.

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