Geocaching is a world-wide treasure hunt and we can help get you started! Geocachers use their navigational and puzzle solving skills to locate caches hidden in plain site. CCF can come to your group’s meeting place, set up a course, and provide you with all the knowledge you need to head out and start finding your own caches!

Letterboxing is Geocaching’s low-tech predecessor. Letterboxers use clues and riddles to find the stash, instead of GPS coordinates and receivers. Letterboxers then use personalized stamps to log the find.

A typical geocaching/letterboxing course takes 2 hours and involves the following activities

  • Introduction to geocaching and/or letterboxing
  • A three cache course that we set up ahead of time
  • Participants hide their own cache for other members of the group to find at the event.

Depending on where the course is held, we may be able to help the group install a permanent cache and list it on The difficulty of the course will depend on the age level of your group.

To request a geocaching or letterboxing course, please use the form below. We do not charge a set fee for this service.

Max Participants:10


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